Rigetti Integrated With Orquestra

Published on
September 22, 2020
Zapata Team

Zapata is pleased to announce that Orquestra users can now access Rigetti quantum hardware through Amazon Braket. Although Zapata has had access to Rigetti’s QVM simulator and Orquestra users can leverage Forest and pyQuil, this is the first time that Orquestra users can run their circuits on Rigetti hardware.

Rigetti made their Aspen-8 machine available through Amazon Braket. “Aspen-8 is a gate-model superconducting quantum processor based on our latest 32-qubit node technology. It features an all-tunable qubit architecture with 3-fold connectivity, fast (60ns and 160ns) 1Q and 2Q gates, long qubit coherence times measuring ~20µs, and industry-leading program execution rates powered by active register reset and parametric control,“ Rigetti said in their blog post announcing the device. Through Amazon Braket, more users have access to this system, helping to accelerate the development quantum algorithms toward practical business value. The Aspen-8 device is remarkable because it implements both a controlled-Z gate and an XY gate for entangling, giving more flexibility and allowing for reduced circuit depth as compared to devices with only one type of entangling gate.  

An example step in an Orquestra Workflow utilizing Rigetti's machine

The Aspen-8 machine can be accessed as a backend in any of Zapata's quantum algorithms through Orquestra. A workflow step utilizing Zapata’s Amazon Braket component will use Amazon Braket’s SDK to run circuits on Rigetti’s hardware. When the workflow is run, a log of all of the parameters, frameworks, resources, and outputs for each step of the workflow is automatically generated. Orquestra then correlates parameters and outputs to each step, and aggregates the data into a single JSON file, making analysis remarkably easy. More information about Orquestra’s workflow system can be found here.

Rigetti and Zapata are two teams in the Quantum Computing ecosystem pushing toward quantum advantage from hardware and software points of view, respectively. Together, we want to offer the field the best tools to accelerate the Quantum Computing revolution.  

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