About Orquestra

Orquestra is the only workflow management system for quantum computing. You compose the music, then let Orquestra play it, conducting software and hardware components across the quantum ecosystem.

Orquestra unifies software and hardware components so you can compose workflows in swappable, modular components. It’s not an SDK, a new framework, a transpiler, or a library. It is a way to make all those components work together.

We first built Orquestra for ourselves, because we couldn’t find a framework that was scalable, reproducible and modular enough to do our work efficiently. We also needed a way to automate the most painful parts of doing quantum computing that used to slow us down, including data management, conflicting dependencies, sharing code and data, and more. Read more about its origin here.

Now, Orquestra accelerates quantum computing research, solutions and algorithm development for people outside Zapata. Our growing community of Orquestra users includes a wide range of people, from ML researchers in top government-funded labs to universities across the world to industry users solving valuable, computationally complex business problems.

About Zapata

We exist to accelerate the Quantum Revolution through the discovery, development, and deployment of Quantum Computing applications. We spun out of Harvard in 2017 to make software for the enterprise.  The deepest bench of quantum scientists in the industry, we are committed to research and software that pushes the field forward. Learn more at ZapataComputing.com