About Orquestra

Orquestra® is the unified software platform for building, orchestrating and deploying Quantum-Ready Applications®. These applications leverage the best quantum, quantum-inspired and classical compute resources available — whatever will best solve the problem at hand — and are built to be forward-compatible with the latest software and hardware as they evolve. Orquestra lets you swap in the best resources for any given problem.

Developers compose their application workflows from tasks, the software building blocks of Orquestra.  Tasks can be written from scratch, or adapted from existing tasks. Once a workflow is written, Orquestra will execute it on the required hardware from across the quantum-classical ecosystem. Orquestra unifies quantum and classical software and hardware, with a modular framework providing extensibility and interoperability.  

We initially built Orquestra for ourselves, because we couldn’t find a framework that was scalable, reproducible and modular enough to do our work efficiently. We needed a way to automate the most painful parts of quantum computing: running large workflows across numerous underlying quantum devices, integrating different cloud environments, managing disparate input data, organizing a wide range of outputs, and controlling development environments and dependencies.

Now, Orquestra supports the entire lifecycle of quantum-ready applications for organizations beyond Zapata-- from research, through development, to deployment. We partner closely with customers across a range of industries to do advanced quantum research and pursue solutions to computationally complex, enterprise-scale business problems.

About Zapata

Zapata Computing, Inc. is the enterprise quantum software company on a mission to solve the world’s most complex problems by uniting classical and quantum computing. Zapata has pioneered new methods in ML, optimization, and simulation to maximize value from near-term quantum devices, and partners closely with ecosystem hardware providers such as AWS, D-Wave, IBM, IonQ, Quantinuum, and Rigetti. For more information, visit www.zapatacomputing.com.